Urquhart Copywriting

Urquhart Copywriting

This site was designed during the 1st Year of the Web Design course for a client wishing to expand his new business. Although the needs for the site were basic, I wanted to use techniques new to me to showcase this site as my first piece of public work.

This site is now just a demo. Since creating the site, the owner is no longer trading.

The Joint Pizza – Responsive Website

Responsive Images

Based on a brief to create a responsive website, these were the final images displaying how the “Home” page would look on 3 different size screens.

Appy Mondays

Appy Mondays

This design was based on a brief set by Gospelware to develop a mobile phone app. The full wireframes and a workflow detail the finer points and explain how it would work.

Wireframe 1-8

Wireframe 9-16


My Silver Tree

MY Silver Tree

These were the final designs and the original wireframe I designed for this website. After a poor attempt at designing a site that had very little design, hoping that it would be easier to code using PHP and WordPress, I decided that it did not challenge me and I would start again and came up with this. Although there are slight difference between the final design and the final site, they are very few and far between and most importantly, I am happy with the final result. Please feel free to contact me, I would appreciate your views about my site.

Women’s Eight Head of River Race

Women's eight head of river race website designs

The modifications to the original design were made when I reviewed previous work I had carried out in a bid to revamp old work and make the necessary changes that were needed.

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